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About us

We, Tin Phat Engineering Co., Ltd. would like to send to the Board of Directors customers wishes health and respectful greetings, best wishes to customers in production, business activities and in life.

Dear customer!

Tin Phat Mechanical Co., Ltd. was established on June 25, 2009 with business lines such as consulting, designing, manufacturing, manufacturing cranes, gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes, monorail, cranes. wall edges, cranes, suspension cranes, other lifting equipment, steel structure production, civil and industrial construction works, solar power plants.

With a scientific working style, safety, professionalism, dedication, cooperation - mutual development. With a staff of engineers, technicians, experienced workers, skilled workers, goodwill spirit and consistent service, we are committed to bringing satisfaction and contributing to price increases. Treatment for customers through each of our products.

We are pleased to send and submit to customers the Profile of the Company competency: information, detailed description of the field of operation, staff, list of customers, contracts, projects and strong and outstanding strengths of Tin Phat. In addition to the above information, we are always ready to provide, at the highest level, information relating to all of our operations and production.

Over the course of operation, Tin Phat has affirmed itself in the field of design, manufacture, supply of lifting equipment and steel structures. Moreover, we have come up with many professional solutions, useful for many different industries, different scales in the selection of lifting equipment based on a team of experienced technical experts. testing and strict quality management system for each stage. All products must be done in the best way, optimally and to satisfy customers at the highest level.

We are committed to quality, professionalism in all products, processes and work steps that we perform, with the motto: PRESTIGE - DEVELOPMENT.

Ho Chi Minh City, date of year 2019


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