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If you have a gantry crane requirement, we can help you specify the right equipment.

We have supplied cranes and gantry cranes to almost every industrial sector for decades and can provide you with deeper knowledge and expertise for your lifting equipment concerns. Every industry has unique lifting requirements, but with over 1,000 pieces of equipment in hand, you can rest assured that our team can design and deliver the right crane - gantry to meet your needs.

Quality is the mission

Tin Phat Crane has been in the lifting equipment business for many years. Our mission today remains the same as in the beginning: to provide lifting equipment, cranes - gantry cranes for customers' businesses. In-depth industry knowledge is integrated in every Tin Phat product. And each product of Tin Phat takes quality as the core. We design and manufacture the main components of gantry cranes, to work perfectly in the specific lifting applications of our customers' industries.