The concept of Hoist / Palang

What is Hoist/Palang?
Hoist /Palang can be considered as the most important component of the crane - gantry system because it is the device that actually performs the lifting and lowering of the load. Crane Hoist / Palang lifts and lowers loads with drums or forklift wheels, in which chains or ropes wrap around.

Palang / Hoist

Overview of Palang/Hoist

The hoist can be considered the most important component of the crane system because it is the device that actually performs the lifting and lowering of the load. Crane hoists lift and lower loads by means of drums or forklift wheels, around which chains or ropes are wound.

Hoists can be identified by two main characteristics:

  • Lifting means (rope or chain) used to support the load
  • Power source (manual/manual, electric or air powered) used to perform the lifting

There are different configurations of hoists depending on the lifting vehicle they use, the power source used to operate the hoist and the mounting system. It can be difficult to understand what these different terms mean, and which style is best for your  crane system .

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Definition of chain hoist and electric wire rope hoist and some advantages and disadvantages of using either type of lifting means
  • Difference between manual hoist, electric hoist and pneumatic hoist (air powered)
  • Hook, lug and trolley mounted hoist design


Electric Cable Hoist

Chain hoists provide smooth and quiet operation and can perform lifting at a faster rate than chain hoists. They usually dominate the market with a capacity of 2-100 tons or more.

The rope winch uses rope as the lifting medium and performs the lifting by wrapping the  rope   around the slotted drum. Wire rope winches can be manual, electric or pneumatic.

Wire rope is a popular choice in manufacturing environments as it can perform lifts at faster speeds, higher heights and can also be rated for severe duty classifications - Type Cranes D, E and  F.

The main advantages of using a cable hoist include:

  • Provides very fast lifting speed
  • Can be rated for serious duty classification
  • Dominating the market from 10 tons or more
  • Smoother and quieter lifting operation

The main disadvantages of using cable hoists include:

  • Chains may not be as durable as chains under certain circumstances
  • Drum belt takes up more space than chain hoist
  • More expensive than chain hoist

Chain hoist

The chain hoist is a portable, economical and space-saving option that can be operated manually or electrically. Chain hoists are commonly found on lighter applications.

Chain hoist uses metal chain as lifting medium and does the lifting by pulling the chain over sprockets then closing into the container. Chain hoists are a popular choice because they are relatively low-maintenance and can be less expensive than chain hoist systems. Chain hoists can be manual, electric or pneumatic.

While they are a reliable and economical option, chain hoists have a lower capacity and are commonly found in lighter applications under 5 tons.

The main benefits of using a chain hoist include:

  • Possibility to change the height of the lift by changing the chain
  • Compact, space-saving and empty design
  • Portable and can withstand greater abuse
  • Capacity up to 25 tons (according to standard design)
  • Chains can be longer than ropes

The main disadvantages of using a chain hoist include:

  • Limited lifting speed
  • Noisy operation
  • Possible problems at lift heights above 20 feet


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